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Friday, 29 May 2015 21:09

Basic Wellness Program

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Basic Wellness health program is specially designed for people with mild to moderate health concern. Through a basic laboratory screen, Dr. Christine Chen will provide a health guide or treatment plan, important for maintaining or regaining a healthy condition. In order to assist Dr. Chen in overseeing your health condition and offering a more precise treatment plan, we suggest that you bring your regular blood test results, including hematology (CBC), thyroid function, liver & kidney function, inflammatory factors and iron level. If you are not able to obtain this information from your family doctor, or cannot get the prescription of these tests, Dr. Christine Chen is able to prescribe you all of these tests.

  • Initial visit (60-75 min) ($180)
  • Lab test (choose one): Toxic & Essential element test (urine or hair)($129) or Glucose tolerance test and Urine analysis ($120) or Lipid panel+ LV function and inflammation marker (ESR & CRP) ($120)
  • Return visit (45 min; 3-4 weeks after submitted the lab sample) ($150)
  • Report interpretation
  • Personal lifestyle and diet plan (according the lab. test result)
  • Natural Rx (1 month) (up to $75)
  • One Regular return visits (30min) for follow up (once 2-4 weeks) ($100x2=$200)

The original price of this package is $634. We offer a special price for this whole package as $550 

The whole treatment program must be completed within 5 months from the date of the initial visit.  This price will be in effect until Dec. 31rd, 2019 (South Surrey/White Rock clinic only)